Project Overview

Australia is both a very ancient and very new country, and its culture is ever evolving. Many people have recently immigrated here and now call Australia home. This is wonderful and Australia prides ourselves on being diverse, but with the joys of diversity come challenges. One of these relates to our identity and what it means to be Australian and have an Australian voice. 

Students must answer the Driving Question: Is there one Australian voice?  

As a team, they will develop an understanding of what this means and decide if various voices naturally combine to form one Australian voice. They will analyse a variety of texts to ascertain the different voices that make up Australia and search for any commonalities between them. 

They will work together to define the concept and write a set of guidelines for a competition that has ‘Australian voice’ as its theme, which will be debated as class through a diplomatic process.  

Teams must then become creators who make their own text to be entered into the Australian Voices competition.  

 Are they up to the challenge?