Task 7: Plan conservation sanctuary

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Your team must create a sanctuary where your chosen animal can be bred and have their numbers increased before returning them to the wild.

Before you make your sanctuary, you should first plan it. You’ll need to think about:

  • What habitat does your chosen animal prefer to inhabit? What features and food sources should be present?
  • How big should it be?
  • What adaptations does your animal have and what sanctuary features will suit them?
  • What threats to your animal (like invasive species or predators) will you need to ensure are not present in the sanctuary?

For example, if you know that your animal relies on a particular food source, that source must be present in the sanctuary. If your animal relies on a feature to breed – for example, hollow logs in which they can nest or rear young – this should also be included in the sanctuary design.

Discuss this as a team. Sketch your planned sanctuary and be sure to label all important features!

If you are in class together, your team should create one large sketch on butcher paper. If you are working separately or from home, each team member should complete their own sketch. You can then compare your ideas with your teammates!

5. Sanctuary Design.pdf