Task 9: Create government policy

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Your conservation sanctuary may not be enough to protect your animal forever. When it gets released back into the wild, there is a risk its numbers might fall again.

Governments play an important role in protecting endangered species. They can create rules which ban or limit human activities which can cause harm to animals or the habitats where they live.

Think about the threats to your animal. What law or rule might remove those threats and give your animal the best chance of recovering and its population growing? Think of two potential rules and then choose the best one!

Here are a few tips:

  • When thinking of your law, make sure you also think of the side effects of that law.
  • Banning one activity to protect your animal might have negative side effects on another animal or on people. You need to avoid this as much as you can! For example, banning plastic might have a positive impact on the population of the hawksbill turtle, for whom ocean plastic waste is a big threat. However, banning plastic would likely cause enormous issues for society where almost everything we use has plastic components within it!

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