Task 4: How have our Australian animals adapted?

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We need to understand how each of our five focus Australian animals have adapted to help them survive and thrive in their Australian habitat.

 Your teacher will divide the five animals up amongst each group. Some animals might be given to more than one group. Make sure you are given a different animal to the one which you researched the habitat of.

Your group should research that animal to identify what adaptations they have made to survive. What structural adaptations have they made? Are there any behavioural adaptations which they display? Use the links below to help you get started.

Once you have completed your adaptations profile, share it with the class!

Koala: Koala Adaptations

Brush-tailed rock wallaby:   Rock Wallaby Adaptations

Murray Cod:   Murray Cod Adaptations

Glossy black cockatoo:   Glossy Black Cockatoo Adaptations

Hawksbill turtle:   Sea Turtle Adaptations

3. Adaptation profile, Page 1.pdf
3. Adaptation profile, Page 2.pdf