Mission overview


Wildlife populations around the world are falling as humans have an increasing impact on the natural world. And in Australia, the recent bushfires have pushed many species closer to extinction.

You and your team must tackle this question

Which Australian animal is most at risk? And how can we protect it?

As a class, you must examine 5 different Australian animals whose populations are increasingly at risk due to climate change, the recent bushfires, and other human impacts on their habitat and environment.

You will explore where these animals live, how they have adapted to survive in their environment, and why they are now at risk of extinction.

As a group, you must decide which of the animals is in most urgent need of protection. Once you have made this decision, you must decide how you can protect it and prevent it from disappearing forever.

To do this, you will need to:

  • Create a sanctuary for your chosen animal to help its numbers increase
  • Create rules which will protect the animal when it is in the wild

Good luck!