Task 1: Create team contract

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Before your team starts tackling this mission, you should work with your teammates to set rules on how you want to work, both as a team and as individuals in the team.

It is important that teams set their own rules. Creating an expectation on what behaviour is and is not allowed within your group means you all get the best experience of working in your team. It also means that you have something clear and agreed-upon which you can refer back to and reinforce if any of your teammates isn’t doing the right thing. It is a guide for how everyone in your team should work across the project. If everyone sticks to it, you’ll increase your chances of success!

To create your contract, you should:

  • Brainstorm as a team on all the different rules which you think will help your team work well together. These might relate to how your team shares ideas and work, sticks to a task and deadlines, sets collective goals, listen to and respect each others’ opinions, or handle disagreement or criticism of any ideas
  • You should also brainstorm the different ways your team can enforce a team rule if one of your teammates isn’t doing the right thing. This shouldn’t be a punishment. Instead, you need to think about how you can discuss with your teammate what they are doing wrong and explain how they should be acting instead
  • As a team, agree on your four favourite team rules and two favourite conflict resolution strategies. Enter them into your team contract

1. Team contract.pdf